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Make Your Commercial Space Stand Out with Historical Stained Glass Restoration in Austin

On 13, Oct 2019 | No Comments | In Stained Glass Repair And Restoration | By Martin Faith

In a thriving city like Austin, buyers have lots of options to choose from, whether they’re going out to eat, booking a night at a hotel, or shopping at retail stores. Standing out is key for the success of any business, no matter the industry. That’s why before you decide to get rid of your historic stained glass, you may want to think twice. Restoring your historic stained glass in Austin could make your commercial property look stunning and give you a way to stand out from other businesses.

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In Stained Glass For Entryway Windows

By Martin Faith

Create an Alluring Entryway Using Stained Glass in Austin Homes

On 06, Oct 2019 | No Comments | In Stained Glass For Entryway Windows | By Martin Faith

The front entrance is one of the most important areas of a home. However, it’s also one of the most overlooked. We pay a lot of attention to the design of our kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms, but not nearly as much to our entry as we should. Why? Because it’s the very first thing people see when they walk in. Paying some attention to your entryway could mean the difference creating a good first impression and a bad one.

One of the best ways to dress up an entryway is by adding stained glass to your Austin home. Stained glass windows make a great addition to front doors, sidelights, transoms, and foyer windows because of their beautiful sheen and artistic appearance. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the various ways you can enhance your entryway with stained glass.

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In Stained Glass Benefits

By Martin Faith

When Should Stained Glass Be Restored?

On 23, Aug 2019 | No Comments | In Stained Glass Benefits | By Martin Faith

The ability to know when it is time to replace or restore your Austin Church’s stained glass is not something the average parishioner knows. Perhaps the glass looks dirty or aged but in a glance, almost nothing, to the untrained eye, may even look askew. To understand what is really going on with your church’s stained glass we urge you to get your church’s stained glass inspected by a professional. However, there are ways to do a simple inspection yourself to decide whether they need restoration. For this, we tell our potential clients to refer to the two A’s meaning Age and Appearance. To find out how to use simple reference points when inspecting and thinking about replacing the glass on your Austin church–read below.

Consider the Appearance of Your Church’s Stained Glass

The way your Austin church’s stained or painted glass windows looks can tell you almost as much as you need to know about its state and whether or not restoration is due. Inspecting closely and looking at visual cues will not only tell you whether it needs repair but what is causing the issues resulting in repair. We value our potential clients as much as our existing clients. So, to help you better understand what to look for, we have compiled a list of seven common signs you glass likely needs repair.

Appearance: 7 Top Signs of Stained Glass Deterioration

  1. Sagging or Bulging Glass: Walk up to your stained glass window and look at it closely. Peer up at both the windows and panes of glass. Do you see any bulging? Do any of the panes of the window have a concave or convex appearance? Stand far enough away to see the entire windows. From this perspective does your stained glass look uneven? Are some horizontal lines slightly skewed up or down? If any of these are true of your stained glass window they could be suffering from wind damage or structural degradation.
  2. Dull or Faded Looking Stained Glass: Look carefully at the lead creases of your glass. Is there dirt build-up between the lead and the glass? Are the colors muted? Does it look like the light coming through is weak or diffused? This could mean there are decades of dirt on your Austin church’s stained glass windows–both inside and out. A lot of things “stick” to glass and build-up incredibly over time: environmental debris, dirt, grease, and even old cleaners that probably shouldn’t have been used. Doing a thorough cleaning yourself in cases like these is likely not enough.
  3. Cracked Stained Glass Panels: Look as close as you can at each panel of your glass. Especially at attachment points. This is where many cracks radiate from. The movement of the supporting structures, especially wooden ones, over time is what causes this. If the cracks are in the middle of the glass panes they likely came from damage from a strike. Things like hail, tree branches or even an accidental bump from someone or something inside often cause large or even micro cracks. Small cracks are indeed fairly harmless but, over time the glass pieces will rub against each other and make the damage worse. It will also increase the scope and cost of repair as time ticks by.
  4. Gaps In The Glass: The way to look for gaps in the glass is by waiting until early evening (when it is still fairly bright. When you turn off the lights in your chapel and get close to the glass you will be able to see daylight streaming more brightly through gaps. Look especially close around the frames of the panels, since this is where they most likely appear. These gaps mean the glass has shifted over time due to the movement of the frame. You may even see some gaps are actually pieces that have broken off completely in those areas.
  5. Detached or Failing Frames or Support Structures: To inspect all the support structures around the window you should carefully trace each intersecting frame line. Around the edges, there should not be any steel bars showing or protruding. Likewise, if you have wood framing–make sure no wood is missing, broken or splintered. In both of these cases, you have severe structural damage. Since these structures are what keep your very heavy glass in-place– repair to these support structures should be pursued at the very least.
  6. Soft Lead: If you can access the stained glass of your Austin cathedral–you can test for soft lead by carefully squeezing various parts of the lead beading. If the lead is soft this means it could bend under the weight of the glass causing sagging or complete failure. In fact, this type of damage almost always proceeds or goes hand in hand with sagging or bulging glass. *Lead is a toxic substance so we suggest wearing gloves if you want to do this yourself. Calling a professional to deal with any sort of lead caming is the best/safest option.
  7. Cracked Lead: If you look at the leading on your stained glass windows and see cracks, chips or missing lead–your window needs to be re-leaded. You may not realize it but the stained glass on your window is actually the strongest part. When stained glass windows require repair or restoration it is almost always because of issues that stem from the degradation of the lead, since glass itself really doesn’t “degrade”.

Age:  Why it Matter To The State of Your Austin Church’s Stained Glass

We are at an era in stained glass history that is critical for preserving stained glass history. This is because a disproportionately high amount of stained glass in churches–here in Austin and across the United States– are reaching the point where restoration is imminent. Stained glass in most churches was created at the turn/beginning of the last century. This glass lasts about 80-100 years before needing repair. Since it is 2019–the time is now. Churches, especially those in the west(which was settled later than the east) were primarily built around this time. For this reason, if your Austin church is older than 80 years old and has stained glass windows–it is likely time to have them repaired.

Whether because of age or any of the seven appearance signs of degradation– if any of these criteria apply to your church it is time to call in a professional. Contact us at Stained Glass Austin to schedule a free on-site assessment for your church today!

What Is the Average Price for Repairing Stained Glass?

On 14, Aug 2019 | No Comments | In Stained Glass Repair And Restoration | By Martin Faith

From Chartres Cathedral to Notre Dame Paris, there are still countless of stained glass windows around today that were built hundreds of years ago. These examples demonstrate just how strong stained glass windows really are. They can last decades if they’re properly maintained.

Today, stained glass windows can be found in more than just churches. We also enjoy having them in our homes because they offer privacy and character. Nonetheless, many people are quick to discard their stained glass when it breaks. They either assume that it can’t be fixed, or that it will cost too much.

However, leaded glass windows can almost always be fixed. And not all repairs are terribly expensive, especially if they’re minor. Here’s a little bit of insight about what you can expect.

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In Aggrigate
Custom Stained Glass

By Martin Faith

What Are the Different Types of Stained Glass?

On 01, Aug 2019 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Custom Stained Glass | By Martin Faith

Did you know that there are actually 20 different types of stained glass? Stained glass is such a diverse medium that can vary in terms of style, design, and color. When you’re looking into creating your own custom stained glass, it can be so helpful to know the different options available. Stained glass can incorporate different types of glass for endless creative opportunities. The following are some of our favorite types of stained glass.

Our Favorite Types of Stained Glass

  1. Rondels: circular, translucent pieces of glass created by spinning molten glass with a glassblowing rod.
  2. Glass nuggets: sometimes referred to as globs, glass nuggets are small pieces of glass that aren’t uniform in size or shape.
  3. Jewels: these gem-like pressed glass pieces are available in a wide variety of colors and shapes.
  4. Bevels: bevel work can often be the centerpiece of any stained glass– the angled borders are polished to create prisms of light.
  5. Textured: hammered, crystal ice, ripple, granite, ribbed, moss, muffle, fibroid, flemish, and cube textures can create incredible detail and visual interest.
  6. Streaky: swirls of color that aren’t mixed together
  7. Seedy: smooth-surfaced cathedral glass with small air bubbles that are .dispersed throughout.
  8. Ring mottled: opalescent glass that’s been hand-cast to create hazy surface coverings with circular patterns.
  9. Opaque: great for creating privacy, opaque glass transmits very little light and is available in single colors as well as swirled multi-colors.
  10. Opalescent: milky in appearance, opalescent glass has two or more colors combined.

Work with Austin’s Best Custom Stained Glass Studio

Stained Glass Austin is honored to be the best custom stained glass studio serving the Austin, Texas area. We have the largest inventory of glass and have access to custom glass blowing to ensure we’re able to achieve every detail in your custom stained glass design.

For more information, please contact us!

Benefits Of Stained Glass Restoration Over Removal for Austin Churches

On 28, Jul 2019 | No Comments | In Stained Glass Repair And Restoration | By Martin Faith

Stained glass windows are more than just a pretty feature in a church. They’re a means of preserving centuries old traditions and cultures. Members of the congregation hold it dear to their hearts, and are proud to have it on display in their church.

Damage to stained glass can be devastating. While there is sentimental value attached to the windows, many churches are concerned about the costs for repair and may be inclined to consider just having the stained glass removed and disposed of.

It’s true that stained glass restoration can be expensive. However, there are many advantages of opting for stained glass restoration over removal for Austin churches. Furthermore, there are also financial options that can help offset the costs.

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From Broken to Beautiful: How Stained Glass Austin Can Help Restore Church Stained Glass

On 25, Jul 2019 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Stained Glass Repair And Restoration | By Martin Faith

Austin is known for its numerous churches and houses of worship. With gorgeous architecture and incredible stained glass features housed in many of these religious properties, finding ways to preserve these pieces of art is crucial. Stained glass can play such an important role in the worshipping process and can quickly become a part of a family tradition for congregation members. Don’t let your cherished stained glass deteriorate beyond repair. Stained glass restoration is available for returning your windows back to their original condition.

The Advantages of Stained Glass Restoration for Your Austin Church

Stained glass restoration offers a great way to make sure that feature generations are able to experience the same impact of your religious stained glass windows. Through the proper restoration, your stained glass can remain in great condition for at least another hundred years. Stained glass restoration can help preserve antique value, improve your property value, and ensure all historic and sentimental value remain intact. Restoration can often time be a more affordable option than replacement, providing a great way to save money on replacement. Stained glass restoration delivers a comprehensive solution that makes sure that all components are restored or brand new. With new lead came, restored glass pieces, and other proprietary steps, you’ll be stunned when you see your newly restored glass re-installed.

Work with Austin’s Trusted Stained Glass Restoration Studio

Stained Glass Austin is honored to be the trusted stained glass restoration studio. We’ve helped countless religious properties throughout Austin with their restoration needs and are devoted to proper preservation. We always prioritize the original artist’s intention and are happy to help you with your next stained glass restoration project. Work with passionate restoration artists that can bring your stained glass back to life.

For more information regarding stained glass restoration for your Austin church, please contact us!

Need Help Restoring Stained Glass in Your Restaurant? Scottish Stained Glass Austin Can Help!

On 10, Jul 2019 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Stained Glass Repair And Restoration | By Martin Faith

Throughout the years we have created, restored and design many different styles and types of stained glass here in Austin.  Not just for churches and homes either. We have done everything from bars to retail stores we have quite a portfolio of stained glass in unique places.   One place that is popular for stained glass is actually in restaurants and bars. That’s right, Restaurant, Bar, & Pub stained glass continues to be a place where stained and leaded glass is increasingly popular.  The most common areas: front windows, lampshades over tables, on booth dividers and on bar signs are all fantastic spots for stained glass. However, an issue with having stained glass in a hospitality setting is– it usually needs light repairs and restorations more frequently.  If you find any of the signs of stained glass needing repair in your restaurant below, rest assured we can help!

Signs Your Restaurant Stained Glass Needs Repairs

  1. Dirty or Dull Looking Stained Glass:  When you serve food all day at an eatery, you are likely to get a build-up of airborne grease then dust that clings to stained glass. This means that restaurants simply need stained glass cleaning more often. This is something we can easily and cost-effectively do for your Austin establishment.
  2. Cracked Stained Glass:  One common issue with restaurant stained glass is booth pieces getting small cracks on the stained glass. We believe this is mostly due to people are sitting down and standing up in them, constantly applying pressure to the support structure.  Mind you, stained glass is very durable but over time, pressure cracks could occur. These are but a small problem for us at Stained Glass Austin. We do what is called a drop-in repair right on-site for these small imperfections and the cost is usually minimal.
  3. Broken Stained Glass:  When you have an establishment that sees a ton of people coming through day eating and drinking–accidents happen.  Again, stained glass is just as durable as regular glass windows–but even those break occasionally. A breakage in the stained glass or missing piece probably will require us to remove the affected stained-glass sign, lampshade, booth divider or window and repair it at our studio. However, once it is restored it will better than new and add character and style to your Austin eatery once more!

For more information on stained glass repair for restaurants and pubs here in the Austin area contact us.  We will come out for a free inspection and to give you clear pricing for your restoration job. 




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In Stained Glass Benefits

By Martin Faith

Walking Through Residential Stained Glass Restoration from Start to Finish in Austin

On 27, Jun 2019 | No Comments | In Stained Glass Benefits | By Martin Faith

Some of the most beautiful historic homes in Austin come with unique stained glass features. Many homeowners want to maintain these windows so that they look their best for years to come. Stained Glass Austin can help you restore the stained glass in your home with our simple 6-step process.

Residential Stained Glass Restoration in Austin

  1. Removal: We safely remove the existing stained glass from the frame so that we can take it to our studio to restore it. During this period we leave a temporary piece of glass in its place.
  2. Cleaning: Once in our studio, we soak the glass in a cleaning solution to remove the grit and grime. This soaking process can last up to 2 weeks.
  3. Disassembly: We number each piece of glass and take careful photos so that we can recreate this puzzle with restored glass later in the process.
  4. Glass Replacement: Once we’ve removed all the original glass, we keep any pieces that are in good condition. If any of the pieces are chipped or cracked, we replace them with brand new glass. We do try to keep as much of the original glass as possible.
  5. Reassembly: Based on the photos we took in step 3, we recreate the puzzle of the stained glass design combining the old pieces and the new into a seamless representation of the original piece.
  6. Reinstallation: After it is reassembled, we reinstall the glass into the original frame in your home. During this process, we also install a clear pane of glass to protect the design from the elements and other potentially damaging forces.

Restoring stained glass is a worthwhile investment to make and our team of professionals can help make sure it’s done the right way. If you’re looking to restore a historic piece of stained glass in your Austin home, contact usl today!

How to Get Started with Stained Glass Restoration in Austin

On 23, Jun 2019 | No Comments | In Stained Glass Repair And Restoration | By Martin Faith

Stained glass windows are generally considered to be fairly durable. While the glass pieces themselves are fragile, they’re held together by a strong metal material called lead caming. Some windows are even strengthened further by steel brace bars or protective coverings that fortify the entire unit.

Nonetheless, stained glass, like all things is still susceptible to the gradual decline that happens with age. Other unusual circumstances like physical trauma, severe weather, or vandalism can also be detrimental to the windows’ condition, and cause them to slowly disintegrate. In these cases, stained glass restoration in Austin is the best route for preservation.

If you believe that your stained glass may need some repairs, you should contact a professional at once. Here’s how to get started.

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