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To Keep Or Replace: What Makes Austin’s Homes Historic Stained Glass Valuable

On 26, Nov 2018 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Stained Glass Repair And Restoration | By sgaadmin

Stained Glass Repair And Replacement Austin

Most people have not idea what their stained glass windows may or may not be worth.  Which is understandable because values are hard to estimate in general and tend to fluctuate with time and styles.  Now more than ever,  as the  Austin area is going through a renovation boom, finding out the value of your stained glass and whether to keep or replace it, is important.  Not all stained glass is worth a lot of money but a lot of the stained glass, has value beyond monetary.  And every once in a while there is the case of a vintage homeowner stumbling upon a surprisingly lucrative piece of stained glass they didn’t realize was so rich in history and value. While most historic stained glass will be not be something you can quit your day job for, finding out the value of your Austin home’s glass is critical for things like insurance value and home resale for example. Below are a few things a stained glass expert, like Stained Glass Austin, will consider when pricing your beloved stained glass window.

What Appraisers Look At When Pricing Vintage Stained Glass

Context Of The Building or Home: The history of the building is a huge part of stained glass value and provides many more clues about the history and maker of the stained glass.

Inscriptions and Signatures. An easy and obvious way to tell the value of  stained glass windows is inscriptions on them.  These let you know precisely who made the glass or from which studio it came from.  Many studios and artists, like Tiffany, put signature plates on the lower right-hand corner or their work.

Composition and Style Elements: The style of your Austin window is a very good way to figure out when it was made and even who made it. Styles like Arts & Crafts, Art Nouveau, Prairie School are all distinctive style,  coveted and valuable too. If your vintage stained glass is in these types styles, it is easier to estimate the time, area or artist it came from.

The Surrounding Framing Structure: The frame holding the stained glass is just as telling as the glass that it holds in. If it is the original it will tell you precisely when the vintage stained glass window was made. But what it was made of also tells a tale:

  • Iron frames are typically around post 1850s
  • Steel frames are usually post-World War I
  • Cast stone frames were used as early as the 1880s, but truly came into vogue after 1900)
  • Terra Cotta Frames came into use right around 1900

The Make-up Of The Glass: Of course, the glass is a huge clue in and of itself. There were many varieties of glassmaking methods and innovations, each dating to a different time and style in American history. So,  opalescent glass, for example, was invented in 1880 and widely used, in two variations by Tiffany.

Stained Glass Austin For Stained Glass Pricing

Before removing or changing the vintage glass in your Austin home, be sure to make every effort to find out and record its history and composition. Also, get it documented for future generation. For help finding out the value of your Austin home’s stained glass contact us at Stained Glass Austin today!

How to Care for Stained Glass in Austin Homes, Churches, or Hotels

On 02, Jul 2018 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Stained Glass Repair And Restoration | By sgaadmin

Austin is definitely a popular destination when it comes to stained glass. Many of the homes, churches, and hotels throughout this beautiful city feature stained glass. It’s vital for property owners to understand proper care and upkeep for these stained glass features in order to prolong lifespan and maintain optical clarity. Stained glass has so many different benefits ranging from home privacy solutions to inspiring church congregations and promoting hotel brand visibility. Proper upkeep solidifies these functionalities in addition to aesthetics.
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How To Look For Damage On Your Austin Home Stained Glass

On 07, Mar 2018 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Stained Glass Repair And Restoration | By sgaadmin

How To Spot Damage In Your Austin Home’s Stained Glass Windows

18 years after the turn of the last century, we are seeing the nation’s stained glass and leaded glass nearing or already at the 100th-anniversary mark. This same glass, however, here in Austin and around the US, has not been cleaned or repaired–sometimes since it was installed. But In order to have the best, brightest and most beautiful stained glass in your Austin home, proper care is essential. The question then becomes– when it is time to have your stained glass cleaned or repaired and how can you tell? Below are some things to look for in your Austin home’s stained glass windows to give you an idea about its condition and whether or not it needs repair or simply cleaned.
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Stained Glass Hail Damage Repair for Odessa, Texas

On 26, Jun 2017 | No Comments | In Stained Glass Repair And Restoration | By sgaadmin

If you’ve recently received some damage to the stained glass windows in your home or church due to the hail storm in Odessa, you’re not alone. Repairing hail damaged stained glass may seem like a daunting task, but with the help of a professional repair studio, stained glass windows can be restored. At Stained Glass Austin, we’re here to help provide some insight into this topic to help Odessa home and churches with their stained glass hail damage.
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Entryway Stained Glass Adds Beauty and Uniqueness to Georgetown Texas Homes

With entryway stained glass, Georgetown TX homeowners can take a ho-hum entryway and turn it into a show stopping display of gorgeous glass art. If your entryway is on the generic side and you’d like to find a way of adding some uniqueness, some class, some real beauty beyond what you can achieve with landscaping, then stained glass is for you.
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Bathroom Stained Glass Windows Austin

Bathroom windows are common for homes in the Austin area, and while they are great for natural light, privacy often becomes an issue. Many homeowners hang blinds or curtains, which is impractical and often less than aesthetically pleasing in a bathroom, plus you lose any benefits of natural light in the process.

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Custom Stained Glass Windows Austin

One of best parts about custom stained glass windows Austin is the ability to get exactly what you want in your home, no matter how unique of a design you are looking for. We can add leaded glass to any space in your home, to fit windows of all sizes and shapes, or to hang in front of a window in any size as well.
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Stained Glass Sidelights Austin

Stained glass sidelights for Austin are one of our most popular applications of our custom glasswork in the area, and for good reason! Our sidelights are beautiful, but they are also a functional addition to any home. Let our expert designers show you how we can update your home in a fantastic way with unique stained glass sidelights today!

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Stained Glass Restoration Austin

When it comes to stained glass repair and restoration, we understand the delicate nature of this process for windows varying from antiques, all the way to newer pieces. Ensuring that everything matches, from the glass to the lead work and joints can be an intricate system, and our talented builders have the experience needed to perform repairs correctly every time.
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Stained Glass Bathrooms Austin

At Scottish Stained Glass Austin, we have the ability to create glasswork for any space within your home, however, one of our most popular locations is in bathroom windows. This is a great way to add style and function to your home, and we’ve designed and installed thousands of bathrooms windows over our more than 20 years in business.
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