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In Stained Glass

By Martin Faith

Case Study: Scottish Stained Glass and Altar’d State

On 14, Jan 2020 | No Comments | In Stained Glass | By Martin Faith

In the retail world, if you want to be successful, your store needs to look amazing. Shoppers today are more distracted than they ever have been thanks to technology. They breeze through entire shopping centers without ever looking up from their phone.

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5 Beautiful Stained Glass Transoms for Your Austin Home

Austin residents agree that Austin is renowned for its thriving, diverse art scene. Austin residents also agree that its always a great time to increase home equity, heighten curb appeal, as well as add that unique, artistic touch in their home. Whether you’re looking to renovate the transoms in your craftsman style home in Travis Heights or add some privacy to your Tuscan style house in Circle C Ranch, here are some beautiful stained glass transom ideas for your Austin home:
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