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Church Stained Glass Restoration & Repair

Stained Glass Austin is an area expert in the repair and restoration of church and other religious stained glass. We have developed special processes over the years that allow us to not just restore antique or damaged stained glass back to its original glory, but allow us to strengthen the piece as well, both in restoration and re-installation.

stained glass repair austin

Our restoration work can add another century or more of life to church stained glass. We have seen how important these stunning works of art are to the members of individual churches. When it comes to stained glass restoration, we advise churches to contact us as soon as they are aware of any issues, because it is possible for the windows to deteriorate further and further if not attended to.

Church Stained Glass Repair, Austin

Church and other religious stained glass have been popular in Austin churches for over one hundred years. Which means that many of these windows are getting a bit long in the tooth. And since glass is a breakable substance, it’s possible your church’s stained glass windows, doors, or other panels might have one or more pieces of damaged, cracked, or chipped glass. Perhaps some of the pieces have fallen out entirely. Regardless of how old the glass is, we are usually able to match it, so that we can repair the window. Stained Glass Austin works with the top glass manufacturers around the world, has access to thousands of colors, types, and textures, and can even special order custom glass to make a perfect match if necessary.

Church stained glass restoration, Austin

Church stained glass windows can require a more extensive process, known as stained glass restoration. Here are some of the reasons why a panel might need full restoration:

1. The weight of the window, combined with the pull of gravity, has caused it to sag over time.

2. The lead strips that hold the glass pieces together have become damaged, bent, brittle, or no longer form a tight seal to the glass. Although glass is not affected badly by exposure to the elements, the lead strips definitely can be.

3. If the window is sagging or bowing, the stress of this on the glass will cause cracks to form and perhaps even pieces of glass to start dropping out, which is a potentially dangerous situation.

4. A piece of plexiglass has been added to the exterior of the stained glass window, to protect it from the elements or from vandalism. But the plexi is always a mistake because it traps heat between itself and the stained glass, and that heat buildup can further damage the lead, causing it to deteriorate even faster.

With our special restoration processes, the window will be removed, taken to our studio, and restored with loving care and attention to detail. It will be cleaned, polished, reassembled with new reinforced lead caming strips, and reinstalled using newer and more long-lasting installation techniques.

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Read our comprehensive, essential guide to religious stained glass restoration:

For more information about church stained glass repair or restoration in Austin or across the state, please contact Stained Glass Austin today. If you are inquiring about a large, potentially costly restoration, please also ask us how we might assist you in the fundraising necessary for the stained glass restoration project.