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Austin Stained Glass Installation

The installation of our stained glass and leaded glass is always included in any project. We have several methods of installation but generally speaking we prefer to maintain the insulating qualities of your existing windows and add the finished stained glass to the inside of your home.

If your existing window has clear glass which may be double pane or single pane we can attach our leaded glass to the interior which then becomes a 3rd pane of glass to add to the thermal qualities of the overall window. When the stained glass is viewed from the inside it will appear that the stained glass is the only glass present but the clear glass on the outside will still be there to protect the stained glass.

For projects involving new construction, there may be building code regulations stipulating that safety glass must be used in certain areas of the home. Scottish Stained Glass always works within these regulations to ensure a safe install. In bathrooms, for example, the stained glass we manufacture will sometimes require being sandwiched inside a triple pane with clear safety glass on either side. Our glass would also be installed using this method if it were in a shower room and has the advantage of being very easy to clean.

Your Scottish Stained Glass designer will discuss the various options for the installation of the glass and additionally, our full-time installer will visit you prior to manufacture to confirm all the exact measurements and answer any technical questions you may have in relation to the stained glass installation.