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Stained Glass Signs

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We offer custom designed stained glass signs to the businesses and residents of Austin Texas. Our signs are individually designed, frequently including the name of the client’s business as part of the design, and handcrafted by our talented stained glass artisans. Each sign is one of a kind, unique to that business, and designed to complement the business’ décor, architecture, and branding. With a custom stained glass sign, Austin residents have a great alternative to the traditional painted wooden sign or cast metal sign.

We believe that stained glass signs are just more beautiful. More eye-catching. More memorable. They add more elegance. More class. More uniqueness. They are conversation starters. And they are flat out gorgeous. With our custom stained glass signs, Austin clients choose every detail, exactly the way they want it. Size, shape, design, style, colors, types of glass . . . you name it, we customize it.

After all, an upscale French restaurant would not want the same style of sign as a trendy nightclub, historic theater, or traditional Irish pub. We might suggest an Art Nouveau style sign for the French restaurant, a modern abstract for the nightclub, an antique style for the historic theater, and a Celtic design for the traditional Irish pub. What would be your choice for the perfect style of stained glass signs, Austin?

But when it comes to stained glass signs, Austin clients generally know what they like. We send out one of our designers to your business to work with you, one on one. We can make large signs, small signs, signs that are permanently installed in your establishment’s window or door, or hanging stained glass signs that can be installed just about anywhere, inside or out.

For instance, a business on a crowded downtown street might do well with a stained glass sign that juts out perpendicularly from their building, to catch the eye of passersby. A café or restaurant with a pretty outdoor garden might plant a stained glass sign there, to add to the ambiance. A pub with a big bar might want their sign integrated into an entire stained glass backdrop. As you can see, when it comes to custom designed stained glass signs, Austin customers have many many options, limited only by their own imaginations.

With our stained glass signs, Austin customers tell us they don’t just advertise their business, they elevate it!

We offer the highest quality materials, expert designs, outstanding customer service, and stunning handcrafted workmanship in all of our stained glass. For more ideas and more information about stained glass signs, Austin and across the great state of Texas, we hope that you will contact us today.