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Custom Stained Glass

5 Beautiful Stained Glass Transoms for Your Austin Home

Austin residents agree that Austin is renowned for its thriving, diverse art scene. Austin residents also agree that its always a great time to increase home equity, heighten curb appeal, as well as add that unique, artistic touch in their home. Whether you’re looking to renovate the transoms in your craftsman style home in Travis Heights or add some privacy to your Tuscan style house in Circle C Ranch, here are some beautiful stained glass transom ideas for your Austin home:

1. Colorful, Traditional Stained Glass Transom

Adding a splash of color while incorporating a traditional look can definitely set your Austin home apart. The beveled glass elements add a touch of privacy, while the colored glass pieces help control visible light transmissions. With endless design and color options, you can really incorporate a stained glass transom into any style home.

2. Frank Lloyd Wright Style Stained Glass Interior Transom

Frank Lloyd Wright is always a timeless look when it comes to stained glass. The geometric shapes are always rejoiced by symmetry lovers.

3. Texas Star Leaded Stained Glass Transom

Show your Texas pride with a beautiful, classy Texas star transom window. The leaded glass can add a touch of elegance to any Austin home! Privacy and high visible light transmissions are added bonuses!

4. Privacy Stained Glass Exterior Transoms

Heighten curb appeal with this gorgeous privacy solution. Beveled and leaded glass elements obscure any views into your home while still allowing in that beautiful Texas sun.

5. Leaded Glass Interior Transom

Leaded glass, or clear stained glass, can definitely add elegance to any area of your home. Many older homes feature transoms built into doorways and interior frames that can often look outdated and unnecessary. Upgrading them to leaded glass can give a more modern, contemporary look, really transforming the entire space. If you have interior transoms located above bathroom or office doors where privacy is a necessity, leaded glass obscures all views in offering Austin homeowners a great, aesthetically pleasing privacy solution.

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