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Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Prairie Style Stained Glass

On 12, Jun 2018 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Custom Stained Glass | By sgaadmin

Stained Glass Austin specializes specifically in custom stained glass pieces for Austin residential and commercial properties. Austin is renowned for its active art scene and unique architecture, promoting a lot of rich culture throughout its neighborhoods. Many of our customers enjoy stained glass ranging from traditional, colorful windows to elegant, leaded pieces. Those who have specific art movements they embrace can have beautiful stained glass recreated with these styles in mind. One of our favorite influences among modern stained glass pieces is Frank Lloyd Wright.

Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Prairie Style Custom Stained Glass for Your Austin Home or Business

Frank Lloyd Wright was a very well-known American architect, interior designer, and artist. His work sprawled across the United States featuring more than 1000 properties. Often referred to as the greatest American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright’s acclaimed style promoted elegance and simplicity among symmetric lines and clean spaces. With so many beautiful homes and commercial spaces developed by Wright, his style has inspired many artists through many mediums including stained glass. Prairie style stained glass refers to Wright’s renowned simplistic linear designs with heavy symmetry. Both colorful, leaded, and combined stained glass pieces have promoted this timeless look. Many of our Austin clients continue to ask for Prairie style stained glass when designing their own custom pieces for their homes and businesses.

Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass from Stained Glass Austin on Vimeo.

Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Prairie Style Custom Stained Glass Design Process

Since we manage your custom stained glass project from hand sketching the design to installation, we always like to begin the project with an in-home or on-site consultation to better understand the intended space, project goals, challenges, requirements, and other priorities. This allows us to sit down with you and hand sketch all your ideas into fruition.

For more information regarding Prairie style stained glass for your Austin property, please contact us or call: (512) 539-0432