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Custom Stained Glass

How to Incorporate Stained Glass into Austin’s Modern Architecture

On 08, Mar 2018 | No Comments | In Custom Stained Glass | By sgaadmin

Austin residents agree that stained glass is a beautiful art form which can convey powerful symbolism, display beautiful imagery, and reflect certain art movements throughout history. Even though traditional stained glass is what most people are familiar with, modern applications are beginning to be more and more popular. Austin commercial buildings and residences have started incorporating stained glass in new, innovative ways, taking this old, traditional art form and turning it into something contemporary that compliments modern architecture in a great way.

Beautiful Ways to Use Colorful Stained Glass in Commercial Buildings

Colorful stained glass has a multitude of applications in any commercial setting throughout Austin. Stained glass can be incorporated in any building in any industry, showcasing different architectural elements, offering privacy solutions, and creating gorgeous statement pieces. Colorful stained glass is transformative when assimilated with different lighting fixtures– both natural, outdoor lighting or electronic lighting. Prismatic color rays can fill rooms from these modern applications of stained glass, really transforming the room. Colorful stained glass has also been incorporated in different building exteriors in Austin, in building facades, outdoor patio spaces, and more. The design options are endless– stained glass can also be used to increase brand visualization and create custom signage.

Stained Glass Provides Unique Decor Elements in Modern Homes

Modern stained glass also has a lot of different applications in residential buildings in the Austin area. Austin homeowners are beginning to install stained glass features in new, innovative ways– in cabinetry, home bars, home offices, greenhouses, outdoor decorative elements, basement well windows, and more. Stained glass can be utilized as a privacy solution as well offering both functionality and aesthetics. With so many colors and designs to choose from, homeowners can create the perfect, custom stained glass pieces for their home.

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