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What Is Scottish Stained Glass?: An Explanation from Austin’s Stained Glass Experts

On 24, Jun 2018 | No Comments | In Custom Stained Glass | By sgaadmin

Scottish Stained Glass has been serving Austin and the surrounding community for over 25 years. Many people are familiar with our name, as it is often brought up during in a conversation with friends or neighbors when they see our stained glass, but we often are asked about the story behind it.

What Is Scottish Stained Glass?

Many times, people think that “Scottish” is a reference to the type or style of stained glass that we produce. In a way, this is true. The techniques that we use for cutting glass and completing the leadwork are of a Scottish origin, since they were set in place by our owner Martin, who is from Glasgow, Scotland. Martin grew up learning how to make stained glass from an early age. The techniques that he was taught by his father had been practiced by his Scottish family for ages.

However, this alone does not define Scottish Stained Glass. Rather, Scottish Stained Glass is a reference to windows that are specifically made by our company, and the manufacturing process we use.

What Makes Scottish Stained Glass Unique

Our custom stained glass windows are unique because they combine traditional techniques with modern technology. Our windows are authentic because they are made using techniques adapted by Scottish glaziers. However, they are also slightly different because they are, in many ways, improved due to technical processes we’ve implemented.

All of our techniques are the same as those traditionally practiced by our predecessors, but we’ve also integrated advanced engineering using CAD design and modern construction methods. This makes our windows stronger, more durable, and also prevents any flaws or imperfections. It gives us the ability to produce a product that is very high in quality and also very beautiful.

Experience the Scottish Difference
Are you looking for a stained glass window in Austin? We invite you to experience the Scottish difference for yourself! Call us today to get an estimate or schedule a design consultation!