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Stained Glass Benefits

Mission style stained glass, a great addition to any mission style home.

On 28, Jul 2014 | No Comments | In Stained Glass Benefits, Stained Glass For Homes | By sgaadmin

Mission style stained glass is known for its simplistic clean lines with just a few bright colors. Frequently it is a mix of mostly clear glass, with the pattern of earth tones or bright jewel tones scattered in.

The idea behind this particular style of architecture and d├ęcor is that this simplistic style allows your already existing decor to stand out. Mission style is said to have emerged as a reaction against the excesses of Victorian times. In furniture, it is known for simple horizontal and vertical lines and flat panels that accentuate the grain of the wood. It’s also known as the Craftsman style, and Mission style architecture is typically found in Craftsman style bungalows. It is sometimes associated with famed American Architect Frank Lloyd Wright, although there were many other artists and architects during that same time period who created lovely work in the Mission style.

If you would like to see some examples of Mission style stained glass, click here. Stained Glass Austin can design windows with this style in mind for our clients. Our designers are well versed in various styles of stained glass, including Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Green and Green, and of course, Mission.

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If you live in a Mission style home, or Prairie Style, or any of the architecture that came out of the Arts And Crafts movement of the early 20th century, then Mission style stained glass would be perfect in your home. But the beauty of Mission style stained glass is that it can work with a wide variety of decors and architectures. It’s hard to imagine any style of home that these simple and classic windows would not complement.

What is your vision for your home? Would you like to make it into a showplace, a home filled with built in art via the addition of stained glass windows? Do you love art and ornamentation, but don’t want it to go over the top? One of the beauties of the Mission style is how laid back it is, how it doesn’t dominate or overwhelm, but fits into your rooms naturally.

At Stained Glass Austin, each Mission style window or door panel we create is custom designed, so you can have your dose of Mission style any way you like it. And anywhere you like it. Mission style stained glass in your entryway? In your transom windows? In your kitchen cabinets? Or in your bathroom windows? You tell us where you want it, how you want it, and what colors and kinds of glass you’d like to use. We do the rest!

If you are in search of Mission style stained glass, please give us a call today. We offer in-home consultations and would love to earn your business!