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Stained Glass Benefits

Prairie Style Stained Glass for Your Austin Home

On 10, Jan 2018 | No Comments | In Stained Glass Benefits | By sgaadmin

Austin homeowners agree that prairie style stained glass is definitely one of the more popular choices in stained glass design. Prairie style stained glass was inspired by the Arts and Crafts Movement between the 1900’s to 1930’s. This organic approach of stained glass is often characterized by the straight lines and geometric shapes. Austin homeowners who are drawn to prairie style stained glass typically enjoy more contemporary style decor as well as Mission style furniture.

Install Prairie Style Stained Glass in Your Austin Home

Austin is popularly known for its vast art scene featuring numerous museums, art galleries, theaters, live music venues, and restaurants. Why not bring some of that amazing art and culture into your Austin home? Prairie style stained glass can definitely take your Austin home to the next level- adding curb appeal, home equity, and that unique, artistic touch that really elevates your home decor.

We make sure that the installation process is smooth and easy. Our experienced team of local glass artisans start the process with an in-home consultation, helping you choose a design from our vast portfolio or working with you to custom create one. Our portfolio features over 200 prairie style stained glass designs that we’ve custom created for clients in the past. Whether you’d like to duplicate a piece or find inspiration from one, our design team will help you piece together the perfect prairie style stained glass for your Austin home! We also have the latest rendering software, giving us the capability to create a finalized 3D image of your Austin home with your new prairie style stained glass prior to creation and installation. This enables you Austin homeowners to make the most informed decision about your new investment!

Prairie Style Stained Glass

Prairie style stained glass is a timeless look that’ll add additional equity to your home. Many of our clients have loved their prairie styled pieces so much that they take them to their next home!

Call today to schedule an in-home consultation on how you can add that unique artistic touch to your Austin home with prairie style stained glass:(512) 539-0432