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Stained Glass, Austin Homes, and Celtic Design: a Stunning Combination

On 26, May 2014 | No Comments | In Stained Glass For Homes, Stained Glass Pricing | By Martin Faith

Stained Glass Austin is delighted to offer our years of experience with Celtic stained glass windows to the people of Austin and the surrounding areas. Whether your heritage dates back to the ancient Celtic peoples or not, it’s likely that you have seen and admired these profoundly beautiful, complex, and deeply spiritual designs.

Celtic stained glass designs are known for their interlacing patterns, circles, and spirals. These designs can be very complex, such as the classic Celtic knots that consist of one twisting, unending line representing eternity and man’s relationship with the spiritual worlds. When it comes to Stained Glass, Austin residents agree that Celtic designs seem to have a fairly universal appeal. There is something simply magical about creating such intricate, fluid curves and spirals in something as rigid and unyielding as glass—a lovely fusion of opposites.

Who were the Celts? Although most people assume they were centered in the area of Wales and Scotland, in fact they were made up of diverse tribes stretching across northern Europe, dating back all the way to the eight century B.C. The fact that their incredible art has survived and thrived though out the centuries shows us just how powerful and classically beautiful this kind of design truly is. It works in traditionally designed homes, modern homes, and with many different types of décor.









Over the years, Stained Glass Austin has created hundreds of Celtic window designs to grace the bedrooms, bathrooms, entryways, kitchens, and even basements of our clients. As our name suggests, the owner of our firm—the largest stained glass studio of its kind in the United States—comes from the Celtic heritage. So we bring a special appreciation and love for Celtic flavor to our work.

If you aren’t all that familiar with Celtic design and more specifically, Celtic stained glass, please take a look at our gallery of photos. (Note: You can see a larger image with greater detail by clicking on any of these photos.)

Notice how elegant and classy these designs are, and imagine the boost they will give your décor. These are just a few of the many Celtic designs you can choose from. But since each Stained Glass Austin design is custom made and hand-built to your specifications, you can work with one of our designers to modify these designs or create an entirely new one.

Stained Glass Austin is the Celtic design expert, and can build and install these windows in any area of your home, in any size or shape. We’d love to show you just how well Celtic designs could fit into your home. Why not call us for more information today?

Martin Faith is a talented artisan, businessman, and collector of rare and antique stained glass windows. After moving to the United States from Scotland, Martin opened up his own studio which produces custom, handmade stained glass. He and his team have produced over 50,000 stained and leaded glass windows for over 12,000 customers of various styles including Art Noveau, Art Deco, Mission, Prairie, Greene & Greene, contemporary, and beveled glass. Martin's areas of expertise range widely and include historic glass preservation, religious stained glass, and restoration. His work adorns the walls of homes, businesses, and churches all throughout the city of Austin and the surrounding area.