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Stained Glass Repair And Restoration

Benefits Of Stained Glass Restoration Over Removal for Austin Churches

On 28, Jul 2019 | No Comments | In Stained Glass Repair And Restoration | By sgaadmin

Stained glass windows are more than just a pretty feature in a church. They’re a means of preserving centuries old traditions and cultures. Members of the congregation hold it dear to their hearts, and are proud to have it on display in their church.

Damage to stained glass can be devastating. While there is sentimental value attached to the windows, many churches are concerned about the costs for repair and may be inclined to consider just having the stained glass removed and disposed of.

It’s true that stained glass restoration can be expensive. However, there are many advantages of opting for stained glass restoration over removal for Austin churches. Furthermore, there are also financial options that can help offset the costs.

Why It’s Important to Get Repairs

When stained glass is broken, it needs to be repaired almost immediately. A normal window can exist for quite some time with damage. But stained glass degrades quickly. Cracks, holes, and missing pieces put strain on the rest of the window and the metal leading that holds it together. Pieces may start to fall out, bend, or split in half. And eventually the whole thing falls apart.

Understanding the Process for Stained Glass Restoration

Stained glass restoration is the process that experts use to fix stained glass windows that are cracked, damaged, or falling apart. Sometimes, damage is not always obvious. But almost all windows need to be repaired when they reach a certain age, usually at about half a century old. Restoration involves inspecting antique or degrading stained glass, dating and documenting the design, and replacing all of the broken or defective pieces.

Benefits of Stained Glass Restoration

Instead of removing stained glass, restoration helps Austin churches preserve their beautiful and ancient artwork. While this process does involve a fee, it’s often a worthwhile investment because:

1. It preserves the historic value of the church. Stained glass is characteristic of historic churches, and therefore a fundamental part of their architectural design.

2. It provides privacy for worship. The textured nature of the glass creates privacy and confidentiality, and can be comforting for people.

3. Historic glass may be valuable and worth a lot of money. If old enough to be antique, the glass may be very valuable and the cost for restoration may pale in comparison to its worth. Furthermore, stained glass windows also make an attractive background for weddings and events, and may help support the church financially in other ways.

Get More Information

The benefits of stained glass restoration for Austin churches far outweigh the benefits of removal. For more information on this process, please contact our office directly.