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Stained Glass Repair And Restoration

How to Get Started with Stained Glass Restoration in Austin

On 23, Jun 2019 | No Comments | In Stained Glass Repair And Restoration | By sgaadmin

Stained glass windows are generally considered to be fairly durable. While the glass pieces themselves are fragile, they’re held together by a strong metal material called lead caming. Some windows are even strengthened further by steel brace bars or protective coverings that fortify the entire unit.

Nonetheless, stained glass, like all things is still susceptible to the gradual decline that happens with age. Other unusual circumstances like physical trauma, severe weather, or vandalism can also be detrimental to the windows’ condition, and cause them to slowly disintegrate. In these cases, stained glass restoration in Austin is the best route for preservation.

If you believe that your stained glass may need some repairs, you should contact a professional at once. Here’s how to get started.

Steps for Getting Started with Stained Glass Restoration

If you’ve noticed any change in your stained glass, it’s a good idea to call someone to have it looked at. Even if the stained glass just looks a little different than usual, for example the pieces are cloudy or dull, you should have it checked out. There could be serious underlying conditions at work. Here are some steps for getting started with stained glass restoration in Austin:

1. Start with a quick self-diagnosis.
Anyone who owns stained glass should take care great care in monitoring its condition. It’s a good idea to periodically give your windows a thorough look-over, just in case. Being proactive can save you tons of money in the long run. Stand beneath the glass, look upward, and try to see if you can find any cracks, bent glass, bowed lead, or other concerns.

2. Find a repair expert.
Once you’ve identified that you do, in fact, need someone to restore your stained glass, it’s time to do some research. Do a quick online search and check out reviews. If possible, view photos of past projects or get a list of references you can follow up on.

3. Schedule a consultation.
At this point, you’ve done all that you can and it’s time to let the experts take over. Schedule an appointment with the repair studio to have your stained glass evaluated and inspected. From this point, your repair company should be able to work with you to determine a good plan of action.

Get More Information

Not sure if your stained glass needs work? Chat with an expert. Call our office to get more information on stained glass restoration in Austin.